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Please check back soon, as we will be adding more coloring pages of your favorite Raindrop characters!!

Click on a Raindrop character below.
You will be taken to a coloring page for that character.
To print your picture from the coloring page, click on the picture OR
Click on the printer icon like the one below.

 Look for it in the top right corner of your screen.

If your computer is not hooked up to a printer,
Use the instructions below to download the pictures and save them on your computer!

Click on a picture below to get started:


bulletInstructions to download coloring pages onto your computer:
Kids, please as for help from a grown up, if you're not sure how to save files.
Grandmas, please ask for help from a kid, if you're not sure how to save files. ;)
bulletFirst, click on a picture above.
bulletA big picture will pop up.  On that page...
bulletPC Users: click the right mouse button and select "Save Image As..."
bulletMAC Users: Click and hold on the image that pops up, then select "Save Image As..."
bulletBe sure to note where you save the files on your computer!

We would love to display your artwork!
Print or Download coloring pages, then share your art with us!
Artwork submitted will be posted on the Photo Galleries Page

Submit artwork through e-mail:

Send us your .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .psp files to

Please keep all artwork under 10MB if possible.

Send drawings by mail to:

Fan Art for Adventures of Raindrop
ATTN: Natasha Munson
7813 Scarborough Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

*NOTE: We cannot return artwork, so if you want to keep the original, please send a photocopy of your work!

Be sure to include any information you want us to post on the web site, like:
artist's name, age, location, etc.


This site was last updated 04/15/10

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