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We would love to share your stories and memories of the Adventures of Raindrop on this page!


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Name: Joy Dunn
Date: 5/1/2011


Hi, just wanted to say I was so delighted to find this website and more Adventures of Raindrop. When I was a child I had a tape someone had made me that had 3 of the Raindrop stories on them, I'm surprised I didn't wear the tape out. Recently, now 36 I was digging through some things and found the tape. The car I'm currently driving has a cassette player so I listened again with my 5 year old niece in the car and she has been as enthralled with the stories as I was, now asking to listen to the stories over and over again every time she is with me and mentioning Raindrop to her friends. With her asking if there were more stories I decided to check the internet and to my surprise found this site.

As an adult it has been educational to learn more of the back story, and to hear about the characters. It's also fun that as a child I never thought any of the voices were the same, and now when I hear a character talk would realize, hey that sounds kind of like the Drizzle voice. So it's been fun rediscovering the series from a different point of view. I especially like how the lessons are not only designed to be character and spiritually building but authentic in covering the typical reactions of a child with occasional pouting, disagreements, and disobedience. Short yet powerful illustrations of some important lessons, and the "everywhere I go" song stuck in my head again. So glad to have found the site and gotten the rest of the stories. Thanks for continuing this ministry by keeping tapes/cd's available.


Name: Patti Skipton
Date: 4/12/2010


I was so excited to see the website!  My mother-in-law was Raindrop!  We still have copies of the tapes that Nancy gave us when she quit selling them.  My children all grew up listening to "The Adventures of Raindrop".  How fun that you have kept it all going and still have a way of obtaining the recordings.
Thank you for keeping this great ministry alive!
Patti Skipton
daughter in law of  Anne Skipton

Name: Tom Skipton
Date: 4/5/2010

I am the son of Raindrop.  My niece sent me this web site and I was surprised to see Raindrop was still around.  My mom had given me, and my siblings, a recording of it before she died and I foolishly gave it away to a co-worker - and regret it now.  I now have new nephews that, I think, would love to hear this.


Name: Rick Alexander, Jr.
Date: 10/12/2006


I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this site.  I have looked for these materials for years.  I am 26 years old and have a 2 year old daughter and a son soon to be born.  When I was a child, my parents played "The Adventures of Raindrop" cassettes in our home.  As children we loved the stories.  My favorite two stories were about the "mubsarine" (Starfish) and "They which run in a race run all...but one receiveth the prize."  Needless to say, I want to share these stories with my children and their peers.  Such quality moral entertainment is often difficult to find.

By God's Grace and for His Glory- Rick Alexander, Jr.

Name: Julie Nease
Date: 10/03/2006


I listened to Adventures of Raindrop, as a child on the Big John & Sparkey show, Saturday mornings on 88.1 KEAR out of Oakland CA.  I have missed them since, and am thoroughly delighted to see that they are available for purchase, for new generations to hear.  I am looking forward to receiving my copies so that I can listen to them again.  Thank you for keeping up the good work that was started so many years ago.

Name: Shari (Schroder) Salzman
Date: 09/28/2006


I grew up in Ecuador with HCJB in the 60's and 70's and I remember Raindrop from those days!  We got a set of tapes over 20 years ago for our oldest children.  As I am typing this, our youngest daughter (6yrs.) has been listening to Raindrop all morning!  Now I am ready to get a couple of sets for my three grandchildren!

My little children are totally awed that I actually know the real Mother Cloud! :)

Of course I remember being on Tiny Treasures with Aunt Nancy Woolnogh and Aunt Imogene Booker too!  I even have a couple recordings of programs I was on, and my children love to listen to those!  

Date: 08/12/2006


I am very blessed to be one of those people who grew up listening to the wonderful Adventures of Raindrop.  In fact, it just so happens that my precious Grandma is real Mother Cloud and Grandpa is Drizzle!

I remember when I was a little girl Grandma would make me take a nap almost every day! I really did not like this and usually fussed a bit. So to keep me happy, as grandmothers tend to do, she'd put on an Adventures of Raindrop cassette and tell me I didn't need to sleep just, “be still."

I would try so hard to stay awake, because I didn't want to miss any of the Raindrop stories (even though I knew them all by heart.) I'd wiggle and squirm to keep myself awake until the last song began, then I'd "be still" and would soon be asleep.

I still remember lying on the couch staring up at the sparkles in the ceiling, drifting off to my dream world of raindrops and rainbows and starfish and snowflakes....

Everywhere I go, everywhere I go,
What a precious promise,
What a joy to know that...
Everywhere I go, everywhere I go,
Jesus will be with ME...
Everywhere I go.


Name: Kathy (Saint) Drown
Date: 05/19/2006


As a little girl, I listened with rapt attention to THE ADVENTURES OF RAINDROP. The series was not only entertaining but more importantly, it had a significant spiritual influence on our entire Saint family. What added to the influence was that we knew that the producer, Nancy Woolnough, lived a life of love and commitment to the Lord. We knew this because she was our neighbor & missionary “aunty” while living in Ecuador. She was a woman, who understood and related well to children even though she did not have any of her own.

I was recently reminded of this while listening to her interviewing my brother, Steve, and me on another of her creative endeavors- a radio program called TINY TREASURES. She recently told me that she believes it is important for children to hear programs that they do not also see, because like reading, it develops their imagination. As a teacher, mother, and now grandmother, I couldn’t agree more.

So I plan to order many copies of THE ADVENTURES OF RAINDROP for our grandchildren and as gifts for others. I have no doubt that parents will find themselves caught up in listening along with their children.



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