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This is the history of Raindrop taken from excerpts of letters
written by Nancy Woolnough.


This is my first attempt at writing a history of Raindrop and I will have to rely on memory for much of it.  Often I am asked if I would not make more stories.  This will not be possible now.  I wrote the series while I was still a church secretary/Youth and Christian Ed Director in a California church in the early fifties and I was teaching Gospel Broadcasting and helping to write and produce a radio program at BIOLA in Los Angeles.   I felt God called me to go overseas with radio and applied to the three missionary stations on the air in the 50s.  I did not hear from them for many months. 

I bought a professional tape recorder and decided to make programs in my spare time and send them to missionary radio stations,  It took a great deal of time at the library to read up on “weather” and “rain” in particular as I wanted to write about a raindrop.

The “gang" were my good friends with whom I had worked in a BIOLA production called “Accent on Youth.”  Al Sanders was a student at that time.  The president of the school, Dr. Louis Talbot gave Al 30 minutes for a student broadcast.  Al knew of my interest in radio and asked that I go along and help them produce the program in Pasadena at the Radio station studio.  I did, and then Al asked if I would like to try writing the program.  So I did and carried on for more than seven years.  It was possible to get a few episodes written in 1953 and I asked my radio friends at BIOLA if they would help me produce the programs.  They were recorded in the studios of Child Evangelism in Southern California in September of that year.   I had written the main parts to fit the voices of my experienced radio friends.  No, I was never one of the characters. 

The Lord allowed me, in His good time, to be a missionary with Radio Station HCJB, Quito, Ecuador, South America from 1954 to 1979.  I had finished half the series before I left in December 1953 and completed the writing in the next four years.  The entire series was completed by the end of my first furlough (1957/1958).

Custom Recordings of Hollywood put several of the episodes on record.  Then Diadem in Grand Rapids, Michigan made three records.  When I returned to the States to live, I put the series into cassettes in 1979.    

I thought 13 stories would make a three -month radio series, being used once a week.  Furthermore, it was impossible to do further study or to write more episodes when my own missionary work was so demanding and the original staff was in California.  (I did not want to change the main characters.) 

I have always felt that imagination was the major attraction of the RAINDROP stories, thus, there are no pictures of the people that took part and of course now it is too late to get a group picture.  I forever am grateful to all my friends who volunteered their time and talents to make the series possible. 

RAINDROP was used in radio programs at HCJB in Quito.  They were also translated into Spanish by Marian Clark and used on Spanish programs over HCJB.  Raindrop was also aired yearly on Family Radio Stations out of Oakland, California where Ken Boone used RAINDROP   on his children’s program, “Just Us Kids” and the programs were replayed through out the United States on the Family Radio network.

The reason I am not able to continue the RAINDROP series is that I feel the staff made the program.  It is amazing to me that there are still folk who would like to have it since, by today’s standards, it's very “old fashioned.”  It took five years to complete the 13 stories (because it was done in my free time.) I wrote for my staff.  I knew what they could do and wrote for the character they played.  Believe me, RAINDROP has been a rewarding experience.     

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