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The Gang”

Nancy Woolnough was often asked who did the voices for her beloved characters;
But Nancy always wanted to keep their identity a secret, as she did not want to spoil
the imagination of the child by having them see the "real" person.
This is why there are no pictures of "The Gang" from that era!

Here is some information about the gang... but no pictures.. in respect of Nancy's wishes!

The Gang

The Character(s) they provided a voice for

Anne Skipton Smythe

Imogene Booker Mother Cloud
Leonard Booker Drizzle, West Wind, Sgt. Rainwater, Icy, Man In The Moon, & Sleet
Ernie Peirson Northwind
Eleanor Peirson Bubbles, Teardrop, & Crystal
Bob Vernon Water Pipe, Electric Eel, & Captain Showers
Bob Smith Hailstone & Mr. Stick
Jack Dixon Dewdrop, Sleet, & Icy
Donna Dixon Flower & Snowflake
Dave Crane Uncle Flake
Mary Belle Steel Miss Breeze & Mrs. Stratus
Ed Steel Sgt. Rainwater
Frank Peters Sparkle the Center Star, Sgt. Rainwater
Helen Peters Miss Breeze
Al Sanders Sky Teacher & Sky Sunday School Superintendent
Dan Ransom Cyclone & Mechanical Doll

RAINDROP was the voice of Anne Skipton Smythe. Anne was 27 years of age when the RAINDROP series was finished and she was pregnant with twins.  Nancy says that Anne always maintained her delightful little-girl-voice and when she phoned six months before she prematurely died of cancer at the age of 57, she still sounded like "Raindrop”.

MOTHER CLOUD was played by Imogene Booker. Her husband, Leonard Booker was DRIZZLE and he took other parts as well (WEST WIND, SGT. RAINWATER, ICY, MAN IN THE MOON & SLEET). The Bookers served for thirty years as missionaries with the pioneer short-wave radio station HCJB, where they dedicated their lives to Christian broadcasting. They are now retired and are living in Colorado near their family. They are still active in their church and have a special interest in ministering to International students.

NORTHWIND was Ernie Peirson. Ernie worked with BIOLA alumni and served the Lord for many years as a pastor and a Christian counselor before going to be with the Lord.  Eleanor, his wife took the part of BUBBLES and was also TEAR DROP, CRYSTAL and she also helped with the organ backgrounds. Eleanor is still active working with her brother, Bob Vernon who played the parts of WATER PIPE, ELECTRIC EEL and CAPTAIN SHOWERS. In addition to being an active leader in his church Bob served for thirty-seven years with the Los Angeles Police Department where he was the Assistant Chief of Police. Bob is now the President of Point Man Leadership Institute which is a service to leaders in many countries that presents seminars that focus on moral ethics and character building. 

Bob Smith, who was the voice of HAILSTONE and MR. STICK, also ran the sound for the Raindrop recordings. Bob is now in Heaven with the Lord.

DEWDROP was played by Jack Dixon who also played SLEET and ICY, as well as helping with the sound. His wife Donna played the part of FLOWER and SNOWFLAKE.

Dave Crane was the voice of UNCLE FLAKE and also helped with the sound. Dave worked for many years in missionary radio in the Caribbean.  He now lives in Southern California and makes frequent trips to China, fulfilling his original vision of reaching China for Christ.  Dave’s acceptance in China has been remarkable since he was born there, knows the language and looks like his father who was very much loved there.  The people remember Dave as a child and this has given him the opportunity to play a major part in rebuilding the church in China.

Mary Belle Steele was MISS BREEZE and MRS. STRATUS. Her husband Ed played the part of SGT. RAINWATER. After pastoring two churches Ed returned to radio at BIOLA where he worked for ten years.  The Steeles also served with radio station HCJB in Quito Ecuador with many fine missionaries, including the Bookers and Nancy Woolnough.  When they returned to the U.S., Ed worked on the radio programs Day of Discovery and the Radio Bible Class with Al Sanders.  After a time serving in the Chicago area Ed & Mary Belle returned to Southern California where, in addition to owning several radio stations, they formed the Ed Steele Agency that served many ministries such as Mercy Ships, Luis Palau, Billy Graham Crusades, SW Radio, Jack Hayford, Hope for Today and more. Since Ed’s passing in 2005, their son Nathan has continued this work with Mary Belle.

SPARKLE THE CENTER STAR was the voice of Frank Peters, who also doubled as SGT. RAINWATER. His wife Helen was MISS BREEZE in one episode. Frank was a pastor, counselor and hospital chaplain before God called him home. Helen was the secretary to the nationally known pastor Chuck Swindoll for twenty eight years.  She is currently retired and living in Tennessee near her family.  

Al Sanders was SKY TEACHER and SKY SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT. His wife, Margaret provided the organ background in half of the episodes. Al served for more than fifty-five years in professional broadcasting and was one of the most well-loved pioneers of Christian radio. He was the founder and chairman of the board of a radio agency in Southern California that served nearly thirty major radio ministries, publishers, and other Christian organizations and was heard daily on radio broadcasts such as “BreakPoint” with Chuck Colson and “Joni & Friends” with Joni Eareckson Tada, and was the former radio voice heard on Chuck Swindoll’s “Insight for Living.” Al was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

CYCLONE and the MECHANICAL DOLL was the voice of Dan Ransom. He has been a fine radio announcer in Christian Radio in Southern California for many years.


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